During Hitlers Rule

These "Third Reich (B) Silver Coins" and the Reichsmark paper currency were used as seen written out on the stock certificate above. Notice the dates on the coins and the dates on the certificate. Look close and you will see the Bayer logo on certificate.

How many of I.G. Farbens investors back then knew that Farben was experimenting on the slave labor workers with Farben chemicals & drugs using investors money? How many investors today really know how their investment dollars are being used or even care as long as they are getting some returns on their money?

Invest in Natural Health and Healing. Not in something we all should know by now is not good for us or our loved ones.

I.G. Farben Was Then & Is Today  

Do You Really Know Where Your Money Is Being Invested?

Hopefully In Hippocrates Oath "FIRST DO NO HARM"