Letter From Staff of the

Reichsfuhrer Concentration

Camps - Judaica 1944

An original letter from the staff of the Reichsführer-SS, Heinrich Himmler, dated in Berlin on 28. January 1944. Hand signed by a SS-Obersturmführer named Paudler and stamp print "The Reichsführer-SS - personal staff of the RFSS".

Along with this document is a slip with receipt stamp from 10. February 1944 as well as the stamp "To the files, Georgen 11. February 1944". The text of the document reads:

The Reichsführer-SS

Personal staff of the RFSS

Berlin, 28.1.1944

To the higher SS-and Police leader in the Reich district Wartheland, Fritz-Reuter-street 2 A in Poznan

matter: Index of building agencies of the Waffen-SS and Police in the German Reich areas

The construction Inspection of the Waffen-SS "East" has a new address. Inquiries regarding orders, grants of orders and authorizations, procurement and request for east workers from labor- and concentration camps etc., from now on to: "The central construction management of the building Inspection of the Waffen-SS and Police East in Poznan, An der Paulikirche 7". Signed, Paudler, SS-Obersturmführer

The text on the accompanying slip reads:

The Commissioner of district Warthbrücken

To all local air raid protection leaders of the duistrict

Transcription for your information and notice

Please note: The mentioned SS building agencies were directly subordinated to Reichsführer-SS, Heinrich Himmler. The SS construction units built the SS administration offices, but also the concentration camps and all its facilities. Mainly slave laborers from concentration camps were used for these building projects, The central construction management of the Waffen-SS provided the used KZ inmates. (IG Farben)

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