My journey began as a high school drop out in 1964. My draft notice came in the mail in 1966 during

the Vietnam war. Got drafted and took that extra year (RA11567313) to be able to take Admin Training. 

Went to Ft. Bragg, NC Basic Training then off to Ft. Dix, NJ for Admin Training as an Admin Clerk.

Then off to my first duty assignment with 7th Psyops Group Machinato producing

Vietnam propaganda leaflets 24/7 with US Army 1966-68 and where Agent Orange was stored not far

 from where we worked. Chemicals and drugs have destroyed the lives of many people including my own. 

No matter what form they may come in handle with extreme caution or get away from them because they 

are very damaging to the human brain , immune systems, nervous system, bones

and DNA.

The islands people were once known for its long lived people but now with the exposure to the war 

machines Agent Orange poison who knows what damage has been done.

If you know anyone that was stationed on Okinawa please inform them of Agent Orange on Okinawa.

The brain is a terrible thing to be wasted. Protect it from chemicals and drugs at all costs.

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My second duty assignment was in Frankfurt Germany at the

I.G. Farben (BASF-Monsanto) Chemical & Drug Building

where Agent Orange was created.