Pharmaceuticals and Insecticides at I.G. Farben

Plants Elderfeld and Leverkusen

(A Malaria Document)

Following the Normandy landings in 1944, combined American and British intelligence units (CIOS) working under SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force), and later British Intelligence units working independently (BIOS), produced a series of surveys and reports on captured German industry and armament production as allied troops advanced across occupied Europe. The document below is just one of many written up by the British and American investigations. By the way there are cure's for malaria without the use of harmful chemical drugs. CS needs to be mentioned here also. Take note of the word synthetics below. Not in nature.

U.S. military authorities prepare to hang Dr. Klaus Karl Schilling, 74, at Landsberg, Germany, on May 28, 1946. In a Dachau war crimes trial he was convicted of using 1,200 concentration camp prisoners for malaria experimentation. Thirty died directly from the inoculations and 300 to 400 died later from complications of the disease. His experiments, all with unwilling subjects, began in 1942. (AP Photo/Robert Clover) The Chemical Drug Gods should of been hung also for paying or ordering him to do their work!