The people of the United States need to teach its children the importance of growing our own food instead of buying from corporations that only think about profit and not ones health. Taking a "drug" because one is lacking a certain nutrient is nothing more than more problems. Most health problems are related to a nutrient lose that the medical community label as diseases. Good quality food will do wonders in preventing disease. The word fresh doesn't necessarily mean quality. We can combat inflammation by using foods from the group of foods listed above. Stay away from all processed foods that are packaged and refined as in white sugar, flour and white rice. Quick relief from sciatic nerve pain.

If you truly want to stay pain free don't go back to "your old ways" of eating! The only magic bullet is eating foods that nourish and heal. There really are no short cuts. The "Bemer has its place" but we can not solely depend on it and go on eating non nourishing foods or taking chemical synthetic supplements and a dangerous drug. Most drugs but not all are only to be used for a short time to give us time to make a lifestyle change in the way we eat. You do not want to take a drug for the rest of your life if you don't have to. Grow a Moringa tree!