Nurse Assisting In The Creation

'Super Race Children'


Like other wartime nurses, those in Nazi Germany selflessly tended to wounded soldiers in some of the toughest conditions imaginable.

But they also had a more sinister side to their job - assisting with Third Reich's 'experiments' including euthanizing the mentally handicapped and other groups Hitler deemed 'undesirable' and assisting in the creation of 'Super Race Children.'

(My thoughts are that the Super Race (In 2017 next it will be the human being) and was a front to get the people around the world to think that if the Germans are creating this Super Race that even their chemicals and drugs would benefit mankind. In turn they would profit enormously selling their chemicals and drugs. It has became a reality but there has been medical casualties. Military's and wars are created so to have causalities to supply practicing medical students bodies to practice on. They knew that mother earth has within it to create a super race but they could not sell something in nature that already exist which works extremely well curing many ailments. They needed to create something they could patent and these synthetic chemical drugs have became a disaster.) he options from the toolbar.

History of Medicine:

Big Pharma, the Nazis and the Origins of the EU...[Paul Anthony Taylor] New Horizons 2014 (YouTube)

A mega rare and absolute outstanding SS-Feldpost letter, written by a German girl named Lisel Hoeger. She was a German Red Cross nurse with the SS-resettlemet Command

of the "Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle" ! (I.G. Farben American Red Cross Malaria 1990's.)

The Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle was subordinated to Reichsführer-SS, Heinrich Himmler and lead by SS-Obergruppenführer Werner Lorenz. Task of the Mittelstelle was to transport, accomodate and resettle ethnic Germans from annexed German areas.

The nurse has sent this letter from the SS-resettlemtent Command in Galatz/Romania, but sender address was the SS-headquaretres in Berlin. She wrote.

To forestry master Hoeger in Langau - Bavaria

Sender: German Red Cross auxiliary nurse Lisl Hoeger - Berlin W 35 - SS-resettlement Command


dear parents !

Yesterday noon, I got Mom´s kind letter and I was very happy about. To get such a message from the homeland is always a joy. According to your letter you are well and that´s good. I am also well. Well, well, litlle Hans was at home and supported you and you visited aunt Hedwig which was certainly fine. I can imagine that you all laughed a lot about uncle Josef and his strange men clothing. Well, you can imagine the glances of all these old men when I enter my duty station. But I have not much contact with men anyway, but have more contact with other girls who work on different posts. I am more at the laboratory. My labarotry is next to the guard room. I also mix the apple juices and I am further responsible to examine the blood samples which are taken from each person who suffers from Malaria. It is a quite good employment, but I have not much contact with the patients, but it makes a lot of fun anyway. Well, I am not in the laboratory the whole day and sometimes I am the girl for everything for the rest of the day. The old Egger would say: "Everyone must at least have one footman !" Our Command is going on very fast and we already have sattle the most. The good weather helped us to fulfill our duties. It has only rained 3 days, but we immediately got much pressure. It is now very cold since 10 days, but we still can bear the coldness. Until now, I don´t need to wear my fur jacket. The two comrades from our district unit are also here in Galatz. They are all from the Munich and Vienna headquarters anyway. Only some comrades who arrived earlier, are from other districts. I know a lot of girls lie Wellly Hirtz, Stumpfle and Peppi is at the outpatient station. We do not live together, which means that we stay in the same house but in different barracks. I am accommodated with 3 very kind comrades. We had the choice between ....unreadable and the flea castle. Because of the fleas, we have a lot to scratch everyday. I hope that we soon will get a delousing, before we will be accommodated in another barrack. The letter from my schoolmate from Schwabmünchen mad me very happy. I will soon write her a letter. Today in the afternoon I had a day off and I visited the city along with my comrades. We ate very good and I lordly returned by renting a carriage. Now I will order my things, because we lived from the suitcase. I thank you very much for your wished to my 21st birthday. I am looking forward to come home and loking forward to get a tasty Christmas cake. The sausage will hang in the chimney and I hope it will not spoiling until I come home. Now I send a lot of greeting to all, yours Lisl.