Then why did the doctors after their antibiotics failed send me home to die with MRSA! If I had not found Colloidal Silver when I did I would not be here today telling you about my near death experience with MRSA in the hands of these doctors. Before going into a hospital bring CS with you. Don't be afraid to use it. It could save your life or someone already there.

See here what CS can

also be used for and see here how to use CS.

WARNING - Never try to replace your own immune system by using Colloidal Silver alone. We must at all times strengthen our own immune defenses with nutritious foods.

MRSA may affect our brain cells and this is another good reason we must put nourishing foods into our bodies to rebuild our brain cells. Eating chemically tainted foods will not let your body repair itself as it should. Also keep in mind that having casual sex with a condom will not protect you from a person that has MRSA since all it takes is skin to skin contact to spread the disease. Not knowing that they themselves have the hidden infection you are

at very high risk. Sex is

not safe unless there is complete trust and this is why God gave us the Ten Commandments. Jails,

hospitals and drug houses are known places that harbor the MRSA bacteria.

SEAFOOD can be very dangerous+. Carry a bottle or two of CS with you when fishing or crabbing. Apply as fast as possible continuously to make sure the bacteria dies. 



Colloidal Silver's

Amazing Ability 

To Kill MRSA, Coronavirus & Much, Much More!

My Getting To Know Colloidal Silver

By Jeff Wolfson       (Immune Function

It was the first week of January in 1999 and I was excited to be going over to the property I had just purchased, which had finally closed after a 2 month wait. Upon opening the front door, my excitement turned to excrement (from the previous owners’ pot-bellied pet pig), garbage, and abandoned personal belongings. So I decided to clean up the mess immediately. I went back home to put on some work clothes, got my van and went back to the new house. My Toyota van was to be filled with garbage 3 times that day with full loads taken to the local dump. Of course, the rain was coming down (normal Washington State weather for the winter) and I was getting drenched as I brought plastic bag after bag of garbage to load into the rear of the van. As the garbage bag stack got higher, I had to use extra energy to throw heavy bags on top of the pile. Not realizing how close I was to the trailer hitch on the rear bumper, I accidently ran my shin into the hitch when following through with a heavy bag. Ouch!! The pain was excruciating! But I had too much work to do so I didn’t even look at what I thought would just be a bruise on my shin. Rain water plus the dust of the garbage and pig feces were saturating my work clothes all throughout the work day.

Finally finishing the third dump run, I was at home and quickly peeling off my drenched and soiled work clothes , looking forward to a nice warm shower and sleep. Once my pants came off, my shin (right leg) revealed more than just a bruise where throbbing pain continued. Blood was slowly trickling down to the blood saturated sock on my right foot. Not a lot of blood, but the bleeding was still ongoing after many hours. At that time, I cleaned the wound with rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, knowing that the open wound had come into contact with a host of nasty invaders. Inflammation and pain were already present . After my shower, I once again cleaned and bandaged up the wound and finally fell asleep.

Upon waking, I checked my wound to find that the slow bleeding continued. No scabbing had occurred overnight. Also, several small painful blisters protruded from just outside the perimeter of the wound. I treated the area again with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, but didn’t bandage it. I was hoping to see the blood from the wound coagulate in the open air during the day. What I saw instead were several more painful blisters popping up and making their way to my knee. I called the University of Washington Hospital to make an appointment. They couldn’t get me an appointment for 3 days unless it was serious and then I could come into the emergency ward. I didn’t think it was an emergency so I treated the wound with what I had at home and waited for the appointment. By my appointment time, many of the first blisters had opened and were oozing pus, with many new blisters popping up in other places on my body. The shin wound was looking worse and no blood clotting had occurred as of yet. The doctor asked me a few questions about what I came into contact with and took a good look at the wound and spreading blisters. He concluded from looking that I had a staph infection and that anti-biotics would rid me of the infection. He gave me a course to take for 10 days and an appointment to see him again in a couple weeks to see the results. After 10 days, I was weaker and the blisters were still moving their way around my body (even the tip of my nose), opening and oozing wherever they went. The shin wound was still growing in size and oozing, though the bleeding had subsided (still no scabbing).

My appointment day came and the doctor examined the infections once again. He was surprised that the anti-biotics did nothing and asked me if I could wait a couple hours to see the hospital Bacteriologist , since I had no appointment with him. So I waited until he was available see me. The Bacteriologist went over my chart, had a nurse take samples of my blood, examined the wound and open blisters, and then prescribed a stronger anti-biotic for me. I made an

appointment to see him again in two weeks.

During this 10 day course of this anti-biotic, I was having trouble with stomach discomfort and bouts of diarrhea. The size of the wound grew and the blisters had moved from outside of my nose to the inside and to my lungs. Within days, I was coughing up green, brown, and black mucous. I was losing weight , becoming extremely weak, and tired from lack of sleep.

At my next appointment with the Bacteriologist, my symptoms had grown progressively worse. The Bacteriologist was befuddled with the strain of Staph that I had. He once again prescribed another anti-biotic. This time it was Cipro, the strongest he had to give a patient. Another future appointment was made and off I went to home. Upon getting home, I took my prescribed dose. Within seconds, hives erupted all over my body and I felt like I wanted to tear my skin off. I called the hospital and was told to come in to the emergency ward immediately, as I was having an allergic reaction to the Cipro. Upon returning to the hospital, a nurse at the ER helped me fill out the forms and had me drinking some fluids to help alleviate my reaction. I was told I would have to wait for a while until the Bacteriologist would be able to see me again that day. When my turn came up, he told me that there was nothing else he had for this rare form of staph infection and he knew of nothing that would help, since the Cipro was his last hope for me. He then gave me two options: I could stay at the hospital in a bed and be given palliative care before my eventual death. Or I could go home and “make peace with the world”. I chose to go home and open up my mind to the world.

Having placed all of my hope in the hands of the mainstream medical establishment my whole life, I was now at a loss for what to do. I had little knowledge of medicine, but internet access to the World Wide Web, which thankfully existed in 1999. I started a search with the three words “kills bacterial infections” and came up with thousands of hits. Most were for various types of mainstream medicine anti-biotics, which had just failed completely for me. But one entry piqued my interest, …something I had never heard of…..colloidal silver? The heading read “Colloidal Silver can kill more than 650 different bacterial, viral and fungal infections”. From there, I spent hours researching many websites with information on colloidal silver. Positive testimonials for many types of infections were found on most sites. I looked for negative side effects and found that Blue Man turned himself blue by taking large amounts of colloidal silver daily for an extended period of time (he liked the attention). It was an easy decision, possibly turn blue but possibly be cured versus certain death in the near term. Colloidal silver , so simple…..distilled water, electricity, and small particles of pure silver. Choosing the right solution was not as easy when dozens of different products with varying claims and potencies are in front of you. I finally chose to buy a gallon of micro-particle colloidal silver which was ordered for around $450.00 delivered to my front door UPS next day delivery. I could hardly roll out of bed to get the product when it was delivered, but I knew what I had to do. The directions called for the colloidal silver to make contact with the infection wherever the infection was found. I got a spray bottle and a nose inhaler and sprayed all over my body as well as breathing mist deep into my lungs. By day 3, the oozing blisters and shin wound started to scab, something that hadn’t been happening at all.

By week 2 of following directions ( spraying several times a day and drinking 4 ounces internally in 4-one ounce increments throughout the day), the green, black, brown mucous and lung tissue turned clear and the coughing bouts were minimal. By week 3, I had regained much of my strength and was eating better and putting on some weight which was previously lost. At that time, I knew I was going to make it. The colloidal silver had beaten the infection and given my body the time to start my own immune system back up so I could return to better health.

The gallon was gone so I ordered one more gallon and looked at several different colloidal silver generators to buy so I could make my own colloidal silver. For the cost of a gallon, I ordered three different generators to see what they made and to save me a lot of $. After making batches with all three, one stood out as the better generator. Fifteen years later, I still use that generator, but have since purchased two more to keep up with the demand. It costs me less than $1.50 per gallon.

From that time in early 1999 until this day, I have been speaking of and gifting colloidal silver to family, friends, neighbors, and complete strangers. Many gallons and more than eight thousand bottles have been given to people. I have heard many positive testimonials (received one today from my grand daughter’s piano teacher for a sore throat) but have yet to receive a negative one in over 15 years. My own testimonials range from what you just read about MRSA to athletes foot and ear infections. I use it on everything. And it seems to work on almost everything .

The one thing it did not work on was my food allergies. So I had to stop eating the target foods I was allergic to, which worked. Nowadays, a four ounce bottle will last me about two months due to (my) better health.

 To anyone open minded enough to try it.

A very cost effective way to handle your worries.


The food you eat may be killing you!

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) may be more prevalent in retail pork products than previously thought, according to a study published in the Public Library of Science’s PLoS ONE in January 2012.

More than six percent of 395 pork samples, taken from 36 grocery stores in Iowa, Minnesota, and New Jersey, were contaminated with MRSA, which is significantly higher than previous studies. More than 64 percent of samples tested positive for Staphylococcus aureus, or staph bacteria. The results also did not show a significant difference in MRSA contamination between conventional meats and alternative, or antibiotic-free meats.

MRSA is a dangerous type of staph bacteria that is carried by less than 2 percent of people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2005, around 94,000 people developed their first serious MRSA infection and of that population 19,000 people died. Peer reviewed journals estimate that around 86 percent of these infections are health-care associated and 14 percent are community associated. Though MRSA has been found in food products in previous studies, CDC has never linked a MRSA infection to eating a contaminated food product?


Another very possible solution to this MRSA problem is that most of the food grown they use antibiotics in or on and you eat this food so your body is already loaded with antibiotics from those foods or animals you have eaten over the years which stays stored in your fat cells is extremely dangerous.