I.G. Farbens Liquidation, But To Whom?

Can you now figure out this 64 million dollar question?

The same goes on today with stocks people purchase as they did with these stocks or bonds back then. People buy into them without realizing that their money could be going towards evil investments. When we buy into the food industry are you told that your money is being used to buy poisons to spray onto your food or that the seeds are being tampered with to produce GMO's which alter ones DNA? We must question or make sure we are investing into stocks that are good for us and the planet. IG Farben used investors money to run the slave camps and people were not aware of where their money was used. Nothing has changed because the same is going on today with

This exceptionally rare and ornate blue bond holds some remarkable history. The company that issued it, IG Farben, the largest industrial conglomerate in German history, used the proceeds from selling this and similar bonds to research and develop chemicals that were used by Germany on its victims, both military and civilian, particularly those interned in camps.

        IG Farben supported the German Government throughout its rule. It poured 400,000,000 Marks into the 1932 campaign, which, of course, helped bring about the election of the candidate it favored.

       The history of IG Farben and its tentacle-like reach into world politics, war and society are well documented. Even the Bush family has its ties to this industrial behemoth

The managing board of I.G. Farben AG, called the “Council of the Gods” by employees, painting by Hermann Gröber. At front left in the picture is Carl Bosch, at front right is Carl Duisberg, whose engraved signature appears on this bond.