Don't let big chem, Frankenfood and drug put you onto their operating table by consuming their toxic junk and protein which could very well put you onto their operating table.Your stay in a hospital could be more than you bargained for as you will see here. It is much less expensive to eat

organic than to pay for used body parts!!!

The information is here. All we need to do is teach ourselves.

The Lemonade Diet is simple and powerful. The recipe takes only minutes to learn, and when done correctly the cleanse is surprisingly easy and completely safe. But there’s more to it than just drinking the lemonade mixture. The Complete Master Cleanse offers a step-by-step program that unleashes the full power of the Master Cleanse and all its health benefits.

Healing With Herbal Juices: A Practical Guide to Herbal Juice Therapy: Nature's Preventative Medicine

As someone who has suffered various health, and energy problems over the years, I feel well placed to offer my opinion on this particular book. With countless authors offering information on diet and nutrition, how do you know where to start? What is more, with so much contradictory information around, how do you know what is effective, and what is not worth bothering with?

ALKALIZE OR DIE is the book that has helped change my Life. Not only does it give a complete overview of health, but it reveals the true secret of energised living: Alkaline Diet & Lifestyle. Read this book and discover the underlying causes of nearly all disease, both physical and mental. Discover how a change in diet, exercise, colour, and music(amongst other things), can bring your body back into perfect balance. You really can be alive again, and without the need for medical drugs and artificial stimulants.

I believe this book to be a great work, and a must read for anyone interesting in living to their optimum health and energy levels.

If we truly want to go beyond using any and all drugs you may find answers to your dis-eases in links below.

Big pharma wants you to ignore the solution

Taking care of your overall health is the only way to avoid premature death from drugs. Eat a whole foods diet (as much as possible), use acupuncture, massage, biofeedback, chiropractic care, and detoxification programs - when necessary.

Keep in mind, there are many ways that your diet can reduce inflammation naturally such as, capsaicin, tart cherries, turmeric, ginger, cloves, pineapple, omega 3 fatty acids, and acai juice

"Keeping away from inflammatory foods such as conventionally-processed meats and refined sugar can go a long way toward becoming pain free."

Let's be honest, opiates never fix pain issues - they make it worse, they attach to the body's natural endorphin receptors and stimulate them to produce pain relief, energy and even euphoria. With these drugs, a person's brain decreases the production of its own natural painkillers - the endorphins.

Without natural endorphins, people in pain must resort to taking narcotics - just to avoid withdrawal. Also, if you start taking narcotics, you lose the ability to discriminate which nerve signals are painful and which are not.

Once again, the ‘fix' is never inside toxic drugs.


The following options provide excellent pain relief + without any of the health hazards that prescription (and even over-the-counter) painkillers carry. If you are in pain, please do these first, before even thinking about prescription painkillers of any kind.

1."Eliminate" or radically reduce all processed foods, grains(breads & cereals), and sugars from your diet. Avoiding grains and "sugar" will lower your insulin and leptin levels and decrease insulin and leptin resistance, which is one of the most important reasons why inflammatory prostaglandins are produced. "That is why stopping sugar and sweets is so important to controlling your pain and other types of chronic illnesses."

2. Omega-3 fat: Omega-3 fats are precursors to mediators of inflammation called prostaglandins. (In fact, that is how anti-inflammatory painkillers work; they manipulate prostaglandins.)

3. Vitamin D: Optimize your production of vitamin D by getting regular, appropriate sun or safe tanning bed exposure, which will work through a variety of different mechanisms to reduce your pain.

4. Emotional Freedom Technique: (EFT) is a drug-free approach for pain management of all kinds. EFT borrows from the principles of acupuncture, in that it helps you balance out your subtle energy system. It helps resolve underlying, often subconscious, negative emotions that may be exacerbating your physical pain. By stimulating (tapping) well-established acupuncture points with your fingertips, you re-balance your energy system, which tends to dissipate pain.

5. Astaxanthin: Is one of the most effective fat-soluble antioxidants known. It

has very potent anti-inflammatory properties and in many cases works far more effectively than anti-inflammatory drugs. Higher doses are typically required

and one may need 8 mg or more per day to achieve this benefit.

6. Ginger: This herb has potent anti-inflammatory activity and offers pain relief and stomach-settling properties. Fresh ginger works well steeped in boiling water as a tea or grated into vegetable juice.

7. Curcumin: In a study of osteoarthritis patients, those who added 200 mg of curcumin a day to their treatment plan had reduced pain and increased mobility. A past study also found that a turmeric extract composed of curcuminoids blocked inflammatory pathways, effectively preventing the overproduction of a protein that triggers swelling and pain.

8. Boswellia: Also known as boswellin or "Indian frankincense," this herb contains specific active anti-inflammatory ingredients. This is one of my personal favorites as I have seen it work well with many rheumatoid arthritis patients.

9. Bromelain: This enzyme, found in pineapples, is a natural anti-inflammatory.

It can be taken in supplement form but eating fresh pineapple, including some of the bromelain-rich stem, may also be helpful.

10. Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO): This oil, found in fish and organic grass fed dairy butter, acts as a "joint lubricant" and an anti-inflammatory. This may help to relieve ganglion cysts and a mild annoying carpal tunnel syndrome that pops up when you type too much on non-ergonomic keyboards. A topical preparation for this may bring results.

11. Evening Primrose, Black Currant, and Borage Oils: These contain the essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which is useful for treating arthritic pain.

12. Cayenne Cream: Also called capsaicin cream, this spice comes from dried hot peppers. It alleviates pain by depleting the body's supply of substance P, a chemical component of nerve cells that transmits pain signals to your brain.

13. Medical Cannabis: Has a long history as a natural analgesic.11 At present, 20 US states have legalized cannabis for medical purposes. Its medicinal qualities are due to high amounts (about 10-20 percent) of cannabidiol (CBD), medicinal terpenes, and flavonoids. As discussed in this previous post, varieties of cannabis exist that are very low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-the psychoactive component of marijuana that makes you feel "stoned"-and high in medicinal CBD. The Journal of Pain,12 a publication by the American Pain Society, has a long list of studies on the pain-relieving effects of cannabis.

14. Devil's Claw: A South African herb found to be particularly effective against pain caused by inflammation, including arthritis and muscle pain.

According to Prevent Disease:

"Some evidence suggests that devil's claw works about as well as pain relieving drugs for improving osteoarthritis pain in the hip and knee... This evidence comes from a study that used a specific powdered devil's claw root product (Harpadol, Arkopharma) containing 2% of the devil's claw ingredient harpagoside (9.5 mg/capsule) and 3% total iridoid glycosides (14.5 mg per capsule)."

Pure clean water and fresh squeezed lemon is one of the most well tested energy boosters around.

Most people, in the ‘modern world', rely on caffeinated beverages like coffee to get aroused in the morning. These adrenal stimulants produce dirty energy in the form of blood sugar swings and oxidative stress.

Water with lemon produces clean energy by hydrating and oxygenating the body to extraordinary energy and mental clarity. After sleeping through the night the bodily tissues are dehydrated and need clean, pure water to filter out toxins and improve energy production in the cells.

Most individuals turn to stimulants like coffee in the morning to give them a jump start. Unfortunately, coffee is a diuretic that depletes your body of water reserves and essential minerals and electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium

The danger of caffeine on your adrenal glands

and energy production

People feel energized by coffee due to the effects of caffeine on the adrenal glands. Coffee stimulates these organs to pump out instant energy hormones - epinephrine and norepinephrine. These hormones stimulate the body to breakdown stored sugar and release it into the bloodstream. This process causes abnormal blood sugar that increases oxidative stress, free radical formation and overall tissue damage.

This form of energy is called ‘dirty energy' because it produces a rampant amount of damage to the body in order to activate energy formation. Clean energy produces cellular energy without an excessive load of oxidative stress.

A great way to supercharge your energy levels

The food and beverages we eat provide electrically charged molecules that initiate energy production in our body. An ion is part of a molecule that carries an electrical charge. Positively charged ions are called "cations," while negatively charged ions are called "anions."

Most of the food we put into our bodies comes in the form of cationic while our natural digestive processes (hydrochloric acid, digestive enzymes, saliva) are anionic. Lemon is one of the only anionic foods on the planet. This means that it carries a very strong negative charge and is extremely electrically active.

How do fresh lemon help to energize the body?

Fresh lemon helps oxygenate the body and maximizes enzyme function. Lemon is known to stimulate natural enzymes within the liver. This assists the liver in the process of dumping toxins like uric acid and liquefying congested bile ducts.

Citric acid can also play a very important role in chelating out abnormal calcium stones. It has a unique ability to form soluble complexes with calcium that many have used to eliminate pancreatic stones and kidney stones. Many individuals hypothesize that this mechanism can also help prevent calcium deposits from building up in the arteries promoting cardiovascular disease.

What are the health benefits of drinking lemon water?

Clean water with lemon provides the body with hydration, antioxidants and electrolytes. Lemon is a rich source of the immune boosting vitamin C. It also

has good quantities of electrolytes such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. Lemon is a tremendous source of citrus bioflavonoid antioxidant phytonutrients that have been given the label vitamin P.

Vitamin P consists of the flavonoid glycosides hesperetin and naringenin among others. Studies have shown that vitamin P enhances the antioxidant capability of vitamin C. These bioflavonoids also improve capillary permeability and overall blood flow.

This is especially important for oxygenating tissues and maintaining normal blood pressure. These antioxidants have also been shown to reduce swelling, venous backup and edema.

Health tip: Upon arising take 1 full lemon and squeeze it into 16-32 oz. of fresh clean water and drink. Be sure to eat out the membranous parts of the lemon where the majority of the pectin fiber and citrus bioflavonoids are located. Stevia can be added to form sugar-free lemonade. Plus, if you like, use apple cider vinegar and various herbs to boost the enzymatic and antioxidant potential.

If we can keep Monsanto away from tampering with the seeds we will continue to have a natural medicine but if they put their hands on it we are in serious trouble.

Then there was/is hemp

This is where corporate greed killed hemp production -in the United States

Before watching the film below please keep in mind that there are no magic bullets and we can not get well if we go on eating denatured non organic food. Our bodies were not designed to be without the best nutrition that comes from the earth in the form of living organic soil transfered to the food we eat. Anything with corn or soy ingredients should not be eaten due to GMO's.

In the 1920's, DuPont was experimenting with synthetics. By 1937, we witnessed the banning of hemp farming - under the Marijuana Tax Act. At the same time, DuPont was patenting nylon. How covenant was this for Dupont but the hemp farmers lost everything and the American people suffered because someone paid someone off to make it happen.

After 1937, a massive campaign effort was put into play to frighten the public. Marijuana, hemp and cannabis were described as a ‘highly addictive and toxic drug' which induced ‘reefer madness'. When actually the synthetic drugs are the toxic problems. Posters were put on trams in New York to brainwash the public.

The only problem that we should look at in legalizing hemp is that the hemp seed is being tapped into just as GMO's are being put into our food supply and it is not as it once was. There may be problems with it not being straight from nature as was intended for our bodies. It can also be laced with things like crack to get you addicted to it so you will keep buying it. Man has ways to mess up beautiful things that nature has given us to thrive and be well.

Your choices will predict your health and our nations health now and into the future. Click here to watch this film.