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No!!! To Anti-biotics!!!

Yes!!! To Friendly Pro-biotics!!!

Anti-biotics, meaning literallyagainst life were invented to kill the invading bacteria that our own immune system has failed to destroy, resulting in bacterial infections somewhere in the body. Most of us would not be here today if not for the benefits of antibiotics? However, there is a disturbing down side to the use and overuse of antibiotics. Antibiotics are ingested to kill off bad bacteria, but are in fact ruthless killers of all bacteria in the body both good and bad. When they set off in the blood stream to kill bacterial invaders they have no understanding of which bacteria are invading and which are immune system supporters. They are not thinkers, they are killers. When the bad bacteria are sufficiently killed, we regain our wellness as the infection heals.

However, what we cannot see or feel is the devastation of the intestinal “friendly flora” or good bacteria which resides in the surrounding area of the GI tract. When the friendly flora is depleted and cannot effectively communicate with the white blood cells we have been set into a cycle of a weakened immune system. This break down in communication makes us even more vulnerable to new invading bacteria. Our white blood cells then cease to communicate effectively with each other, allowing the chance of both viral and bacterial infection to greatly increase. If you have ever taken antibiotics in your lifetime it is crucial to take probiotics daily there after. Avoiding probiotics supplements is an invitation to the contraction of more and more illness and disease. If you are eating yogurt that is high in sugar to replenish your friendly flora it unfortunately is doing little good. Sugar kills good bacteria, so this commercial venture is simply hype. There are also dairy farms that give their dairy cows antibiotics which could also end up in your yogurt.

Antibiotics should be taken with extreme caution. Since antibiotics do not kill viral infections, taking them for viruses such as the flu serves only to wipe out even more friendly flora, further compromising your immune system. Not taking the fully prescribed amount of antibiotics for an infection such as strep throat or a sinus infection because you “feel much better” is a disastrous choice. If all bad bacteria are not killed, they will mutate. This is how the antibiotic resistant mutant “superbugs” are developed. (This is also true of hand sanitizers and household cleaners. What doesn’t get killed, mutates.) Sinus and ear infections that need more than one round of antibiotics are the perfect example. Flesh eating staph infections like MRSA is one of the worst, killing more people last year in the US than Aids. And it is on the rise. Deadliest anti-biotics you can take! Urinary tract infections without antibiotics.

W A R N I N G: If you are prescribed to take anti-biotics just remember this one thing. As you swallow them that you can not bring them back up from the damage they could do by killing many of the friendly bacteria strains you were blessed with at birth. These friendly bacteria are unique to each and everyone of us. When destroyed they can never be replaced because man never will know what each of us had within us. Taking a pro-biotic will never replace these because of their uniqueness. C-Section

Gone to graveyards everyone.

When will they ever learn?

Gone to graveyards everyone.


True “universal” health care involves each person approaching their own health appropriately. The way you choose to approach your health has an invisible yet crucial domino effect on the entire world.

Your choices matter!