The ancestors of these

 body organs have had

 the same occupations

 for thousands of years. 

They know 100 times

 more about their

 specific functions

and how to produce 

optimum health than

all the world's

medical doctors,

research scientists, nutritionists...and 

artificial food 

processing combined

Listen very closely to 

what they have to say. 

Despite their near 

perfect design, they 

cannot produce 

optimum physical, 

mental, and emotional

health-unless their 

landlord supplies 

nutrients designed 

specifically for human

bodies which come

 from nature and a 

healthy living soil.

The true nutritionist

should be within our 

soil & seed showing

our bodies what it

 really needs. See here

 what takes place when

we digest denatured

chemical frankenfoods

Enzyme Rich Living Foods


ENERGY....We need to capture it and never let it go because without it we or the world can not function. Our bodies needs it to come from a pure whole food source and not a man made chemical.

As humans we are being brainwashed through television & other forms of media into thinking we need to reach for coffee, soda, diet soda like crack, sugar then death, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup or an energy drink of some kind is a false sense of securing the energy we need. Processed food is another energy zapper we must be aware of. Nature gives us a wonderful example of how to look at this. When was the last time you saw an animal in nature consume any of these things? You haven't and they don't have the diseases we put upon ourselves by abusing our bodies. I also lost my energy, my get up and go several decades ago. Tried almost everything out there to regain my energy but was looking in all the wrong places! When your body is low on energy it is trying to tell us that there is something very wrong going on within us. Reaching for a quick fix is not the answer. We must stop and ask ourselves why am I always grabbing for that quick fix? I tried all the things which I just finished mentioning and more but

nothing was working. Not to say that everyone has what

I had but we all get whatever we have by not taking the

time to find out what is wrong. I had a condition called systemic candida (at first be careful with the fruit) of which 80% of Americans now have due to poor nutritional food choices and medical doctors still don't look or test for it. Mercury in your teeth, chemicals and drugs can poison your system and make candida even worse with brain fog. "Doctors" wanted to give me a handful of antibiotics. Doctors being ignorant of the candida I had they still gave the antibiotics to me. I tried them but the condition just got worse. All my energy was gone completely. I had a very difficult time functioning.

So, I decided to go down the road of natural healing and I became well. My energy returned and I am very grateful to the natural world of healing. A raw living organic food diet with live enzymes and a top grade probiotic put me on the road to healing my body. Now I would like to lead you down the path of my appreciation so you also can learn to stay well and energized and not worry about you or your families well-being. Even though our bodies harbor a thousand strains of bacteria we must do all we can to protect all of them because - they are us! Photo of self with candida.

Your natural energy will return without those so called quick fixes & drugs which are ruining your health. The best supplement + I have found just recently.

Begin with holding something you know is bad for you like a bottle of poison or a bag of sugar. Take the test then pray over that item and do the test again. Now test yourself with the organic fruits & veggies you have growing in your garden?