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Strength, Well-Being & Food Medicine Comes From A Healthy Living Soil

Updated by: T.A.M. 4/16/2014

(((ENERGY)))....We need to capture it and never let it go because without it we or the world can not function! As humans we are being brainwashed through television & other forms of media into thinking we need to reach for coffee , soda , diet soda , sugar , artificial sweetners, high fructose corn syrup or an energy drink of some kind is a false sense of securing the energy we need. Processed food is another energy zapper we must be aware of. Nature gives us a wonderful example of how to look at this. When was the last time you saw an animal in nature consume any of these things? You haven't and they don't have the diseases we put upon ourselves by abusing our bodies. I also lost my energy, my get up and go several decades ago. Tried almost everything out there to regain my energy but was looking in all the wrong places. When your body is low on energy it is trying to tell us that there is something wrong going on within us. Reaching for a quick fix is not the answer. We must stop and ask ourselves why am I so tired and always grabbing for that quick fix. I tried all the things which I just finished mentioning but nothing was working. Not to say that everyone has what I had but we all get whatever we have by not taking time to find out what is wrong. I had a condition called systemic candida of which 80% of Americans now have and medical doctors still don't look or test  for it.  Doctors wanted to give me a handful of antibiotics. I tried them but the condition just got worse. We need to learn how to use natural antibiotics with no side effects that just may work better than any chemical drug could. All my energy was gone completely. I had a very difficult time functioning. So, I decided to go down the road of natural healing and I became well. My energy returned and I am very grateful to the natural world of healing. A raw living organic food diet with live enzymes (second opinion) put me on the road to healing my body. Now I would like to lead you down the path of my appreciation so you also can learn to stay well and energized and not worry about you or your families well-being. Your natural energy will return without all those so called quick energy fixes you are ruining your health with.

Our intestines work almost if not all the way like a good organic soil works in growing healthy organic food. Food grows healthy because there are living creatures in the soil that help bring nutrients to the plants roots. When you put poisons on this soil you kill the creatures within the soil. Now we have a dead soil and not a living soil to grow healthy food on. When we put unhealthy things into our mouths it also kills the good creatures (friendly bacteria) living in our intestines that help carry nutrients to our blood stream and over time we develope what is called a dis-ease somewhere in our bodies because the friendly bacteria are dead and no longer are there to carry the much needed nutrients to our cells to keep us well. Eating yogurt is not enough. We must stop eating the things that kill the friendly bacteria if we are to stay healthy. Start feeding your friendly bacteria things that are good for them and not what will undermine your health. This one might be a shocker for some of us. And...please be careful with the water you drink. If you are thinking about bringing a new born baby into this world please click here.

Breakthrough research will change western medicine forever  (1/21/2014)
This study suggests that the bacterial community is extraordinarily flexible and capable of responding swiftly to whatever is coming its way. In fact, shocking but true, these results "could point to a day when dietary changes could be used to treat certain medical conditions, rather than drugs or even surgery." (isn't that amazing!)

Here's a warning for anyone eating ‘junk' food. Researchers at the University of Chicago found concentrated milk fats - which are abundant in highly-processed, sugary foods - can alter the composition of bacteria in the intestines. These changes were found to disturb the delicate balance of bacteria necessary for a healthy immune system.

Eugene Chang, MD - the study author - said, "this is the first plausible mechanism showing step-by-step how western-style diets contribute to the rapid and ongoing increase in the incidence of inflammatory bowel disease". In other words, if you're not careful, your diet could kill you.

Bacteria in the colon produce energy in the form of short chain fatty acids (SCFA); they make vitamin K; help regulate the turnover of cells lining the intestine and help protect against invading bacteria and pathogens. But, keep in mind, when pathogenic (unhealthy) bacteria grow out of control - this can cause serious DNA damage.

A diet free of refined grains, flour, sugar, and vegetable oils seems to support a healthy mixture of gut flora. A western diet will eventually lead to gut bacteria imbalances and the development of insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Again, if you want to eliminate the threat of irritable bowel syndrome plus many other digestive disorders - maintain a healthy diet.

Researchers have looked at going from a so-called normal diet to eating either animal or plant based foods exclusively. The biggest negative shift in bacteria occurred when switching from a vegetarian to a factory-farmed, meat based diet. Conversely, switching from conventionally-produced meat products to a plant based diet revealed dramatic improvements in gut flora. This is an important observation.

Just remember, before you spend money on probiotics, be sure to make healthy food choices. In fact, there's plenty of research to suggest that simply increasing your daily fiber intake will improve your digestive system.   (Top)

*Please know that I am not a medical doctor or a health practitioner. I cannot diagnose your health problems nor can I guarantee a cure. I am here to share my knowledge, which applications have worked for me and to offer suggestions of where you may go physically, emotionally and spiritually for healing and self-empowerment. If you choose to explore alternative medicine, do not independently stop taking your prescribed medications. Always consult with your current doctor as well as your new alternative healing practitioner when changing your medical program.


The ancestors of these body organs have had the same occupations for thousands of years. They know 100 times more about their specific functions and how to produce optimum health than all the world's medical doctors, research scientists, nutritionists...and artifical food processing chemist combined. Listen very closely to what they have to say. Despite their near perfect design, they cannot produce optimum physical, mental, and emotional health-unless their landlord supplies nutrients designed specifically for human bodies which come from nature and a healthy living soil. Click on photo above and watch what happens when it doesn't get what it needs. See also "Your Choice? GMO's"